Taking better pics with your Android Device

I am not a big user of Android phones, unfortunatly I have been sucked into the user interface of the Iphone. However I had the opportunity to use an andriod recently and was impressed (after i fumbled around menu for a bit) and was able to take some nice photos. With that said I am not even remotely an expert on this device. Luckily the web has an obundance of information to help you find the settings and use the proper techniques to get some really good shots. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I went to Mexico and a buddy of mine has the driod x phone.

Android Photo

Taking good iphone pics

So let’s start this off with a little about photography. With technology these days, camera phones are everywhere. People have now been given the opportunity to snap a picture of anything, anywhere, and at any time. As the technology evolves, the quality of pictures people are able to take is getting better and better by the day. My girlfriend and I just took a trip to Mexico and we didn’t even take a camera with us, we just took our iphones and cataloged the entire trip on our phones and came out with some really nice pictures. Over the last few months I have stepped back and really tried to take quality pics, and I would say I am getting better with it. So how do you take good pics with a camera phone? Click on the pic below that i took to get some tips on taking better pics with your Iphone. Iphone Photo


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