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Taking photos and posting them online, can lead to people poaching them for their own personal use. I have seen this happen to some of my proffessional photographers and although many times it’s really not all that big of deal, it may irk some of you. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is tagging your photos before posting them online. I like to use the free online photo editor sites like pixlr. Its an easy and free tool that allows to layer text onto photos and PDF’s. The free version has some pretty bland options, however I’m not looking at branding the photos, but more so just tagging them. Below is an example of one I did, in pixlr in about 2 minutes.

  1. Once the site is loaded, choose the left pixlr editor option.
  2. Choose a pic from your computer.
  3. Once the pic is loaded, click on the “A” icon. This will open up a text box, you can choose your color, font and size.
  4. Click on save, and save it on your desktop. I like the PNG full transparent file type.

Now you have a branded pic that you can post online and it should at a minimum keep most people from poaching it for there business.

If your looking to find photos that are available to grab online, just google what your looking for on google images. Choose search tools, usage rights, and click on labeled for reuse. These pics should be fine to use. Or you can buy pictures for pretty cheap on many different sites like dollar photo club. Heres an example of these types of photos that a friend used on his website.

Hope this post was helpful, please be sure to visit my contact page if you would like to ask any questions.



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