Close ups with some edge (website photos continued)


Thank you again for visiting my site, I was looking thru some website’s lately and noticed that a large majority of site’s have very boring pictures. Now I’m not talking about pictures you find on well established large corporation’s site’s with huge budgets. I’m talking about the small business websites that are offering local services or products. They may use a picture of their staff, or a picture of some job site they are working on, which is great, but it is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer? Does it show a professionalism that you want to convey of your business.

People now days are looking at 100’s of pictures a day on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. They are attracted to the pictures and it will generally drive people to click on the link, or dive deeper into the website. I really like to use bright colors, or greyed out “industrial” (Is that a photographers term???) pictures depending on the theme of the website. You will see below the picture is of a simple grinder and some metal, but if you look at the positioning and filter of the pic it looks very modern and trendy. If you were to scale the picture back a couple feet and not use a filter it would look boring and bland, however the photographer used a close up, off center picture of a boring piece and it looks amazing. This specific picture was found on a fabrication website which really surprised me as it was a very progressive website for such an industry. Click here to see it.

This business really did a good job to build something that is pleasing to the eye, catching there viewers and leaving them with the feeling that this is the shop they want to work with. If a business owner spent the time to make there presence look this good, than they are probably going to take the time to make your products look good.

So in closing, take the time to build your brand, don’t just sell your product or service. Use pictures that attract your customers, you will benefit from it the long run. Promise!


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